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MOST+jazz edition

Why a MOST+jazz edtion?
Well, its this photostorytelling installation and art project I curated
for MOST&jazz in my Hometown of Fehring, Styria a few weeks ago, that was underlined by carefully curated world music selections from previous VENUSfrequency radio shows
(mostly the popculture late night and morning drive editions from years past of my involvement with RadioFreeMinturn in the VailValley, Colorado and KGNU Denver, Boulder, both beautiful community radio stations just like RadioOrange, my beloved Vienna, Austria affilition… )

So ja, this MOST+jazz art/project/installation/ phototelling / projection and musical curation happened on Friday, September 8th, 2017 in a schanigarten, outdoor setting at one of my all time growing up favorites, the stadtkeller.

This show features a 2 hour selection of carefully curated world contemporary tunes, all played once already during a VENUSfrequency radioshow sometime during the past “sage und schreibe” 19 years of VENUSfrequency’s onAIRtime ;-)
And these carefully curated world contemporary tunes underlined the 3 hours of photoprojection, a photostorytelling and souvenir
to you, them us and myself from here, there and everywhere.

So kick back and enjoy, maybe follow VENUSfrequency on facebook and instagram for some impressions of that photostorytelling. I will always weave in sneak peaks, as VENUSfrequency in general has become a very yogic platform these days, but the pop|culture twist still leaves quite some room and space and freedom to be exactly that, pop|culture…. Art, music, yoga, mindfulness, & good energies…

IN true venusFREQUENCY style, these 2 hours will weave in all kinds of MOST+jazz, and Fehring, Styria, and Styrian Pumpkin Seed oil stories, wisdoms and reads.
Wouldn’t be VENUSfrequency without that.

sharpen your ears and senses, enjoy, and envision yourself in this pretty setting, that still very undiscovered last frontier of Styria, the very south/eastern part, where witches roamed, and beautiful corn and pumpkin fields are sprinkled over with käferbohnen plants and sunflowers, fruits of all kinds, eaten fresh off the trees, bushes and vines or handmade into compots and marmelades and whatever is left, distilled officially or in bootleg version into that most of times clear version of a fruit brandy, our oh so dangerous spirit, SCHNAps, tough also quite spiritual if I may say, as by legend and lore, Schapps has so many healing properties too, just ask around, it will heal pretty much everything… (our fehring major and pharmacist of town will support that medical statement I believe even makes his own version too) and then, we could also consider this part of Styria the Hill country of Austria, where hills are gifting us red and white grapes for that delicious wine of the region.

as always #withlove
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