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Otto Fuchs was born on May 13th 1978 in Mariazell, Styria /Austria. Into a family which owned and man-aged a hotel – Hotel Goldener Löwe, formerly con-nected architecturally with the Hotel Schwarzer Adler and the adjoining bank, known as Grand Hotel Laufen-stein. His great-grandfather worked as Dr. Prim. Otto Fuchs in Kittsee / Austria, becoming honorary citizen of Kittsee. While the other Dr. Prim. Bathany was be-atified, meaning he should be canonized by the Catho-lic Church, soon. The great-grandson of Otto Fuchs and Paula Laufenstein – Otto Martin Fuchs felt pas-sion for rock & roll from a very early age on, especial-ly when watching Elvis movies on Austrian TV (ORF), aged 2-4. Just fourteen years old, he became the youngest writer for the German "Rock & Roll music magazine" (Est. 1977). From 2000 - 2004 he hosted The Rocket 88 Show for KRKT 99.1 FM Rock It Ra-dio, Ventura / California. Numerous interviews with 1950s Rock & Roll Legends such as Billy Lee Riley, Marvin Rainwater, Gene Vincent Blue Cap Drummer Dickie "Be Bop" Harrell, Bill Haley´s Comets mem-bers Marshall Lytle, Joey Welz and Bill Turner, Char-lie Gracie … were led & recorded by him for this show. All programmes were home-produced. During that period, he also placed various articles in the Ger-man "Dynamite - The World of Rock & Roll" maga-zine. Later bought by Huber Verlag for a face lift, now no longer issued. In 2005 he started to contribute reviews and interviews for German jive, swing & rockabilly magazine “Slam Bam” – also not being is-sued anymore, suspect here is the Internet for burying Music Magazines. According to some reviewers Otto also managed to write the ultimate biography on Bill Haley, as seen by many trade papers including Vintage Rock, At The Hop Magazine, UK Rock & Roll Music Magazine ... to name a view. He also had nourished his love for acting and undertook the Intensive Acting Studies Programme at Morley Theatre School at Mor-ley College London (1998-1999), Schule des Theaters in Vienna (2011-2015), Newacting Project Vienna and Acting Center Tavakoli in Vienna (2016-2018) fol-lowed with many extra, cameo, or bit parts. He also appeared in two TV commercials in the german speak-ing world in lead roles. His third book is the one you are holding in your hands now. Book 1 and Book 2 both focused on Bill Haley´s career are still available.
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